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We are world travelers. Been doing it on our own for 30+ years. But hiring Marci and Escapade Adventures blew our minds. They designed for us a trip across England and Scotland that was wall-to-wall 5-star hotels and incredible events. We saw the best, ate the best, and lived life to its fullest. In the event of the slightest hiccup, Marci was there to set things right immediately. This is not a travel agency, this is an event planner. Down to the last detail, our trip was the perfect on-the-ground, learn-what’s-up, keep-it-moving challenge; while at the same time a one-of-a-kind chilllaxing adventure. Seriously, could anyone ask for more?
Deke McClelland and Colleen Wheeler,

Marci Eversole of Escapade Adventures is my all-time favorite travel agent. No matter what your budget is, and whether you're traveling on business or for pleasure, Marci always makes you feel safe, cared for, and—dare I say it?—even pampered. If you're a nervous traveler, as I am, you'll love the soothing sensation of knowing everything will work out all right, because you have Marci and Escapade Adventures on your side.
Jeffrey Zeldman, Publisher, A List Apart Magazine & A Book Apart

I wanted to give my family a gift to last a lifetime and decided on the gift of an exotic and fun family vacation. For many years I booked my own travel and mistakenly I did this in 2014 for my husband and kids. I learned then that travel planning and arrangement is best left to professionals. When I learned that Marci opened a travel agency I was thrilled. Marci has exquisite taste with a touch of whimsy thrown in to keep things interesting. She understands how hard it is to have everyone be comfortable and has extensive experience in creating memorable events and adventures for herself and others. It was a no brainer for me to reach out to her to ask for help with the family trip. Marci was amazing. She asked great questions, researched all the little details that she knew would be important to me, and ultimately arranged a wonderful trip for us in Hawaii that went off without a hitch. She made great recommendations, and was so helpful even during my many change requests...never missed a beat. My family had the best time and we all got along the entire time (a first!), and I attribute that to the perfect plan that Marci put together for us. She went the extra mile and it made all the difference.
Wendy Schultz, Chief Operating Officer, InSTEDD

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